Techweek19 NZ Trailer

Promotional trailer for Techweek NZ 2019.

  • 3min
Techweek19 Waikato Teaser

Find out why the Waikato is the fastest growing tech sector in NZ

  • 2min
Maori Tech Showcase 2019

Some insights into the highlight event of Techweek Waikato

  • 2min

Technology and Innovation

Artificial Intelligence - An intro

Are robots really taking over?

  • 5min
Kudos Hamilton Science Excellence Awards

New Zealand's premier regional science excellence Awards.

  • 1min
AI Day - Jade

Meet Ace, a true digital employee.

  • 20min
AI Day - Aware Group

AI and Data solutions for organisational improvement, optimisation and innovation.

  • 20min
AI Day - Aider

Imagine being able to ask any question about your business and instantly receive an answer. With Aider, you can.

  • 19min
Internet of Things - An intro

Embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) will make your life easier.

  • 3min

Techweek18 Waikato

Techweek18 Waikato Highlights

Highlights from the 2018 Techweek Waikato festival of innovation.

  • 3min
Techweek18 NZ Trailer

Promotional trailer for Techweek NZ 2018.

  • 2min

Upcoming events and initiatives

NZ Startup Bootcamp

New Zealand's only 48 hour startup bootcamp!

  • 2min

The Mighty Waikato

The Waikato Story

The Waikato is New Zealand’s beating heart.

  • 3min

One of the Waikato's many treasures

  • 2min

A hidden gem

  • 2min